I was usually denied of roles because of my skin colour and height – Yewande Adekoya

Nollywood actress Yewande Adekoya popularly known as Ednawey revealed during TVC YourView show on Friday that, she was always sidelined by movie producer because of her complexion and height. She said, ‘when I first started acting, most of the producers avoid giving me lead roles because of my skin colour and the fact that I am short, anyway I am happy now.

Yewande who is famous for her hit movie, Kudi Klepto shared a little about her love story with Bukola Bakare her husband.

‘Being in the same business with my husband has always helped me as a mother. I met him in the city of Ibadan during my youth service in 2008. Through a mutual friend that we both had. He came to visit some friends and that was where we saw each other. I guess he took a liking to me from there. Thereafter, when I came for my youth service, we ran into each other again and realised that we had met before and that was how we  started dating’.

The actress continued by saying ‘the journey of marriage has not been easy but with God on our side, we’ve been able to weather the storm.  Luckily, we’ve not been faced with situations that we couldn’t handle. Marriage is not a bed of roses; when you fight, you always have to make up and continue the journey’.

I am so lucky and blessed to be married to a man who is in the same business as me. It’s been God all the way and I remain eternally grateful to Him for helping us to steer our ship in the right direction. As you know, there is no marriage that is perfect, you just have to keep working at it.  If anyone is expecting a smooth sail in marriage, then such a person is not yet ready for marriage.  For us, we were able to spend enough time together before getting married and that gave us ample time to know each other well. We both know each other’s  likes and dislikes. When one partner is sad or grumpy, the other party has an idea of what could have gone wrong and know what solutions to proffer.There is a huge difference between courtship and marriage.’

What do you think about her role denials because of her skin colour?

I was usually denied of roles because of my skin colour and height – Yewande Adekoya


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