Salma Hayek strips down for her new role

A dinner party turns into a debate on humanity and empathy in the new film “Beatriz at Dinner” starring Salma Hayek. The actress strips down to play an empathic and humble holistic nurse who ends up at a six person dinner party at the home of her wealthy clients.

Tension ensues as her character, Beatriz, goes head to head with Doug, played by John Lithgow, a rich real estate developer over greed and compassion. Hayek, who said this character is most like herself out of all the roles she has ever played, explained that the themes of the film kept popping up in her real life after reading the script. “Even before we did it, I mean in the movie, the neighbor kills Beatriz’s goat. Way before we started shooting I had a situation where my neighbor killed my dog on my ranch.

Then, like, you know, the political climate with the president, the way he’s talking about Mexicans and all these things and all of a sudden there is a picture of his sons with a trophy of a leopard so proud of having killed this magnificent creature,” said the Mexican-born actress. “I mean, don’t get me started on that. And I look at the picture and go, again there is Beatriz,” she added.

The film was written two years ago and filmed before the U.S. presidential election, but is being promoted as the first great film of the Trump era. “One of the things that is so important about the film is that I do think it’s going to elicit dialogue,” said actress Connie Britton who plays Beatriz’s client. “I think if anything you can really come away with realizing that all of the trends that brought us to where we are now have actually been going on for some time,” Britton continued. “Beatriz at Dinner” will be released in U.S. theaters on June 9.

Salma Hayek strips down for her new role


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