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In a country where Policies are formulated and events of National interests unfold, Talk Nigeria is a 1hr live show that engages Citizen participation in every way.

The show presented by Bukola Ajiboye elicits talk that enhances citizen participation in connection to National and Global Interests.

Target Audience cuts across age groups who can participate in issues through Resource Persons, Call in and Social Media participation.

Whispers is a live phone in program that deals with real life issues in relationships.

The show revolves around the only true, blunt, and crazy love doctor (Daniel Akpata), a certified relationship/marriage coach and Masters NLP practitioner who gives pragmatic steps towards understanding what needs to be done as against what is being done presently in the relationship.

Whispers cuts across the married, single, divorced and single again. It’s a platform to teach time tested principles that make relationships work and blissful.

To held the audience share, learn and grow, the show shares life issues in relationship, learning from other experiences gathered.

Continental Sunrise is an enlightenment show on Radio Continental that arms the listener with the knowledge/information information for the day ahead. It is a well-balanced mix of regular news update, traffic reports, an in-depth analysis of the day’s papers, sports update, brainteasers as well as a forum where the listener can learn a variety of topics plus music to serve as tonic. The show runs from Monday through Friday and is presented by Debola Ajiboye.

Mellow World is a 3hour entertainment show that provides comfort, companionship , entertainment and information in a Lively, Entertaining and Informative way.

The music cuts across all borders, as well as geeky conversations centred on current affairs – aimed at educating, informing and entertaining, all at once – are infused to create a broadcasting experience like no other.

Presented by Mary Bashua Alimi, there are different parts of the show including Parlez, the Solace Calls and the Celebrity Top 10. Parlez is what the topics of the day are called. The Solace Calls, The Celebrity Top 10, Days acronym; MeMonday , ThatsMySongTuesday, WantedWednesday, ToiThursday and FlyingFriday.

Religious tolerance is important for a country to thrive and when this is understood the world would be a better place. Presented by Tosin Ajayi, Church Without Barriers is a radio church programme that brings the pulpit closer to the people. The programme gives listener an opportunity to ask questions about issues they do not understand as they would normally not ask at church.

Comedy has no doubt has added a lot of variety to radio listening pattern. It becomes a lot more fun as drama and satirical styles are employed to reflect the true happenings in the society. With local music content and an apt cast, fun, education plus loads of information is guaranteed. WetinDey is an audience participatory programme set within a unique but traditional family placement. The cast consists of three personalities; Iyajogbo (mother); Wale (son) and Obus (co-tenant) including occasional visitors ranging from artistes, comedians and other personalities.

The two hour show is targeted at the mass segment in the society and its aim is to impart in the listener the various ways by which societal vices are portrayed and the numerous lessons derivable from such highlighted issues.

Box of goodies is a children game show targeted at educating the Nigerian children between the ages of 5 -10. questions asked range from different subjects being taught at schools. The programme provides a platform where children can express themselves in a question and answer mood. Prizes and gift packs are given to children who answer questions correctly. The programme is presented by Toisn Ajayi 

A fast-paced news magazine breaking stories and headline news. The heated debate so provoked, presents the listener with many angles to the story. Aired every week day at 7pm, Kubanje Direct has become a 60-minute ritual on RC and it is presented by seasoned broadcaster, Jones Usen.

Express Yourself is a highly entertaining radio program where passion, productivity, and possibility populate the airwaves. The show entails an unedited, uncensored teen talk that help people understand what the young people are thinking, doing or going through.

The Tatafo Show hosted by the internationally acclaimed comedienne Helen Paul is a one- hour live comedy/music presentation every Wednesday at 10am on Radio Continental. She applies her fun-filled skills to the programme as she plays hosts to an array of standup comedians ready to contribute to the ‘sunny side of life’!

Jungle Matta with Davies Ikpoyi, (popularly known as ‘Fyne Monkey”) is a 30 minute interactive/comedy show. The programme discusses amongst others, problems being faced by members of the public during their daily activities whilst applying a quantum of humour. Jungle Mata is scheduled for Sundays at 3.30pm on Radio Continental.

Trendstainment with Catherine Bashua provides trending facts and gist as they break in the entertainment industry and on the social media.The show offers segments such as ‘what’s trending on the social media, latest music releases, celebrity gist, and beauty tips. Trendstainment is a 30 minutes programme daily.

The Continental Chart Show broadcasts live on RC every Sundays at 2pm. The chart is the top ten biggest hits songs trending in the US, UK and AFRICA. The programme in addition features entertainment news and information on the chart-bursting artiste. It is up-beat in nature and style and best suits the Sunday afternoon; presented by Mark Otabor, (Mark Dsoulja) and produced by Dele Adio (BrandMeDel)

The show kicks start the listener’s day with inspirational songs and talk, motivation and some instructional talk just to get the listener fired up for the challenges of a new day. Traffic, breaking news, song of the morning and what are you afraid of this morning also features on the show via tweets and calls. 

The Saturday show is an entertainment driven belt that uses music (both contemporary and old school), interviews and interactive sessions to connect with the listeners. It features Ultimate sports with Mark Otabor, Hip-hop half hour and Oldies groove. The show entertains and keep listeners abreast with happenings in the entertainment and sports industry. It airs on Saturdays from 12pm to 6:00pm

Sunday Parole is designed to interact with the listeners while reflecting on the past week, and what to expect in the coming week, sharing experiences and situations for listeners learning.The show educate the audience and create an interactive platform for family issues and rising matters. Presented by Walepowpowpow, each episode has a genre of music to be played  (jazz, afrobeat, highlife, soul, makossa etc). There is also a segment called “ Better Family Corner “, important issues affecting the family unit are discussed.

The world is often said to be a global village; this is continuously enhanced by the improvement of digitization, which impacts heavily on everyday life and work. This has made world events felt in real time especially through social media. No nation is an island. Presented by Victor Otuya, 360 Degrees is an educative programme that showcases/promote the nation. The programme helps the audience with a better understanding of relations among nations, role played by international actors, regional blocks, international organizations and multinational corporations.